Mix Optimization, Design, New Product Development And Statistical Analysis

           Romano Associates provides in-depth analysis of formulations and properties for the refinement of a wide range of existing products

        and the development of new, innovative mix designs meeting industry standards.

 Analysis And Consultation On Mix Proportions, Specific Properties And The Effects On Performance And Cost

Project Specific Mix Design

   The Romano Associates Network of Professionals

   offers both standard and specialty analysis of

   concrete mixtures.

Concrete Mix Optimization / Raw Materials Analysis


    Our experts perform analysis per relevant American Society

    for Testing and Materials (ASTM).


     •  AASTO, NYSDOT, Federal, State, and local standards.

New Product Development


     • Expertise in materials testing and analysis

       or improved performance of new products.


     • Review and implementation of materials

       based on market need.


     • Use of recycled, environmental /sustainable

       product application practices.

      • Testing and analysis of material capabilities.


      • Evaluation of durability, strength/yield, material

        degradation and fatigue diagnoses.


      • Validation of performance and aesthetic

        characteristics, installation practices and procedures.

Post- Performance Analysis



Accurate Analysis




     • Concrete formulations and properties

   • Strength and structure of materials as quality

     assurance parameters in new construction,

     rehab/reconstruction projects and in construction

     failure investigations.

cost-effective concrete

• Findings provide the basis for determination

  of mix proportions  and recommendations for

  adjustments and changes in raw materials for

  ultimate performance characteristics, meeting

  all specifications.

• Concrete mix proportioning developed to maximize

  performance, with mix design to perform at specified

  parameters, and meeting all requirements.

• Providing thorough and objective assessments of distress

  and failure, with accurate analysis of the technical issues

  related to cause.


•  Any sized project; Residential and Commercial.

 Product Evaluation

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