Innovative Quality Management Solutions

Individualized Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems

Romano Associates offers consultation training and management of Quality Control and Quality Assurance principles,

with a multidisciplinary approach to the management of any construction project.

 Our Consultants Manage Risk And Regulatory Challenges To Enhance Operations And Improve Overall Job Performance

Testing and Controls

Concrete Mix Design

Statistical Analysis

Forensic Evaluation

• Complete and comprehensive Quality Control and Quality Assurance strategies ensure

  projects are designed, built and completed, with all work meeting designated performance

  criteria and construction standards.


• We subscribe to stringent industry certification requirements and maintain Quality Control

  and Quality Assurance data to provide a complete material analysis.

• Mechanisms are implemented to ensure established requirements for

  the quality of products and services will be fulfilled.


• Management of all raw materials, components, products and services

  related to construction.


• An organizational structure is established to define tasks and duties for

  the implementation of quality management systems.


• Development of Quality Assurance approach, ensuring internal operations

  and procedures meet all requirements of Quality Management Systems.


• Quality Control is an integral part of construction and our experience with

  project specifications and procedures ensures total quality management.


• Romano Associates provides Quality Control and management at each

  stage of construction; from purchase through on-site monitoring to meet

  and surpass project goals.


• We have extensive experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  programs for Ready-Mix Concrete.


        - Systems are developed to ensure compliance with proper

          specifications as expected.


• Our focus is process outputs and the establishment of systems promoting

   quality and improvement of overall job performance.



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