One Material, Infinite Possibilities with Sika

Offering a full line of concrete admixtures and complementary products, with unique and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the concrete industry.

Romano Associates are Manufacturer’s Representatives for Sika in parts of New York State

 For Over One Hundred Years, Sika Has Been Producing High Quality Products For Concrete Applications

Concrete is second only to water, as the most consumed material on Earth. Sika is redefining it.

As a leader in specialty chemicals and other products specifically

engineered for concrete, Sika is constantly developing new, innovative

product technologies to improve material performance and add value.


Concrete is no longer simply cementitious materials, aggregates and water -  but is a highly versatile building material that can have wide ranging plastic

and hardened properties, for any project needs.

Sika is represented by Romano Associates in Central and Western New York State

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Innovative Solutions and Support Services

        • For Architects/Engineers, Ready Mix Concrete Precast & Prestressed Concrete, Block & Paver Producers, Pipe & Hollowcore Production, Tunneling & Mining.


Admixture Products

        • Sika's broad range of admixtures help to improve both the plastic and hardened properties of concrete, providing both consistent and reliable results to our customers and end users.

          Water Reduction, Slump Retention, Set Control & Hardening, Accelerators, Durability Enhancement, DryCast, Efflorescence Control, Plasticizers & Water Reduction for DryCast,

          Watertight Concrete, Specialty Admixtures, Surface Enhancement, Shotcrete, Pervious Concrete, Tunneling & Mining, Concrete Fibers.


Concrete Accessories

        • Waterstop Systems & Installation Accessories, Architectural Concrete Formliners, Concrete Fibers, Concrete Curing Blankets, Flooring Protection, Load Transfer Doweling Systems,

          Paving Cap Seal (G-Seal), Concrete Forming & Placing Products.


Waterproofing Concrete

        • Integral Concrete Admixtures, Below Grade Waterproofing, Sika Greenstreak, Waterstop Systems.


Cement Grinding Aids
  Grinding aids to enhance grinding/separating efficiency, leading to increased production rate, favorable particle size distribution and better cement quality. SikaGrind® is an economic

           solution to achieve the desired fineness and quality of cement.


Concrete Fiber Products

          SikaFiber® series of Micro, Macro Fibers, Fiber Blends, Steel Fibers for secondary concrete reinforcement control plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking meeting ASTM requirements.

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